Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral council is an advisory committee to the pastor.  They meet monthly from September through June.  The members of your Parish Pastoral Council are:



   Lisa Anderson  -  E-Mail

   Nichole Coppes  -  E-Mail

   David Derk  -  E-Mail

   Patty Chuprinski  -  E-Mail

   Christopher Legarski  -  E-mail

   Christine Lippert -  E-mail

   Charles Lowry  - E-Mail

   Rebecca Noviello  - E-Mail

   Mike Paisley  -  E-Mail

   Brian Toseki  -  E-Mail


As we continue our strategic planning for the parish, we want to update you on how your involvement has aided and continues to help in this tedious, but rewarding process.


You may remember the surveys we had sent out earlier in the year, asking for your input and feedback on the parish’s strengths, areas of improvement, and potential opportunities for growth and service.


You will be happy to know that we had a tremendous response from you and have taken your valuable answers, shared experiences, and suggestions very seriously. We have been reviewing your input and working with the diocese in an organized effort to identify our our main goals for the parish as we move forward. These goals are accompanied by meaningful, actionable objectives that are set to be incorporated into the plan.

To keep you updated on our progress, we have prepared a brochure for all of you which outline these goals and objectives. In the brochure, you will also find a letter from Father and some quotes we found to be most prevalent in your collective feedback, and help reinforce the importance of these goals. 



As we move forward, we encourage you to give feedback and share your ideas with us.


Thank you again for your continued contributions and support at this important time in our parish’s history.


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