Mass Cards

Offering Mass for the dead is a beautiful Catholic tradition and we should continue doing it. But, in charity and justice, let's remember the parish's priorities in scheduling Masses:

The Parochial Masses on all Sundays and Holydays of Obligation are required by the Church's law and take first priority.

Masses on the Anniversary of Death comes next in line. We will move other requested Masses to make room for people who want an Anniversary Mass. Special consideration is given the first anniversary of death.

Other requested Masses including birthdays, baptisms, wedding anniversaries will be fitted into the schedule as time permits. We will do everything we can to keep your requested intention close to the day you requested. Please note: if you don't intend to attend the Mass, Sunday prison Masses are also available for intentions.

Complete the form below to request a Mass Card:


The Parish Office will send the Mass Card unless otherwise instructed.

The stipend for a Mass is $10.00.  Please place the stipend in an envelope and place it in the collection. Mark the envelope "Mass Card" to the attention of "Parish Office".