Infants and small children may be baptized at any Saturday evening or Sunday morning celebration of the Eucharist outside of Lent. The parish baptismal preparation session is required before the baptism of a couples first child.  Call Jennifer Frye at 570-546-3900 for information or to schedule a class.


Anointing Of The Sick

Please notify the parish office whenever anyone is sick, unable to attend Mass and wishes to receive Holy Communion.  Eucharistic Ministers are available to bring Communion to the sick. The Pastor will bring the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick as needed


Christian Marriage

Church law requires Catholics to be married with the church's prayers and blessings. Please call the pastor at least six months before your anticipated wedding date.  All couples must complete a Pre-Cana program. If you or your fiancée were  previously married and divorced, you will need an annulment before being married in the church.  Allow at least a year to finish the annulment process.