Identity Theft No More!

A Parish Mission

directed by Fr. Bill Garrott, O.P.

Church of the Resurrection

June 4, 5, 6, 2023

Rosary 6:30pm

Parish Mission starts at 7:00pm

  1. Sunday Evening of the Mission
    1. Rosary 30 minutes before and preaches about one hour.
    2. Veneration of 1st class relic of St. John Paul II.
    3. Confessions afterwards.


  1. Monday Evening of the Mission
    1. Rosary 30 minutes before and preaches about one hour.
    2. Concludes with brief Eucharistic procession and Adoration.
    3. Confessions afterwards.


  1. Tuesday Evening of the Mission
    1. Rosary 30 minutes before and preaches about one hour.
    2. Free-will offering.
    3. Prayer of Renewal at the end of the preaching.
    4. Offers special blessing using the Oil of St. Joseph.
    5. Confessions afterwards.


Sunday Evening’s Talk“Where is your faith?”

Fr. Bill’s preaching focuses on what Faith is and is not in light of current challenges. The evening concludes with an invitation to venerate a 1st class relic of St. John Paul II – a piece of the blood-soaked white sash he wore on the day he was shot in St. Peter’s Square.          Scripture for Reflection: Luke 8:22-25  

Monday Evening’s Talk: “Are you right to be angry?”

Fr. Bill’s preaching focuses on the emotion, the virtue and the sin of anger in light of the polarized culture we live in. The evening concludes with an invitation for those in need of healing to adore our Eucharistic Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.          Scripture for Reflection:   Jonah 4:1-11  

Tuesday Evening’s Talk:  “Take away the stone!”

Fr. Bill’s preaching focuses on the power of the Risen Lord to heal us and make us participants in God’s great rescue mission of mercy. The evening concludes with a solemn blessing and an invitation to receive a special blessing with the Oil of St. Joseph from the Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal.          Scripture for Reflection: John 11:33-44  

For more information on Fr Bill visit his website:

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Religious Education Calendar 2022-2023

RE Corner

Thanks for your patience last week as we clean up from our Parish Festival. Please note that on Sunday, October 10th we will have a Family Pancake Breakfast for Religious Education families. Please join us along with your children. Sponsered by the Knights of Columbs and the Women's Organization.

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If you are not at Holy Mass, please watch our livestream at at 8:30 AM on Sunday.

Religious Education Calendar

Church of the Resurrection

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Day 154: The Baptism of Jesus (2023)

As we begin reading the Gospel of Mark, Fr. Mike points out several amazing details about the baptism of Jesus, as well as some important points about the healing of the paralytic. The readings are Mark 1-2 and Psalm 11.

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Messianic Checkpoint: The Gospel of Mark (with Jeff Cavins) -2023

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